Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1555

Power & Support Controller




Monitors and controls the traction power system and the support facilities system during both revenue and non revenue service hours; and performs related duties as assigned.

The responsibilities of this class include using electronic equipment to monitor and control the status of train and associated power and mechanical equipment in stations and wayside. Positions are assigned to a centralized location, from which activities throughout the entire system can be observed and controlled.

Examples of duties:

Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Monitors the train control display board and radio operations to determine the status of revenue operations, the traction power system and the facilities support system.
  2. Energizes or de-energizes the traction power system.
  3. Monitors and controls the status of the 1000 VDC distribution system.
  4. Redistributes traction power as required to ensure adequacy of supply; changes the status of the traction power system for planned or unscheduled maintenance.
  5. Monitors and controls fans, pumps, valves, sumps, dampers, alarms and similar electrical and electro‑mechanical equipment found in District facilities.
  6. Monitors D.T.S., train control system and fire warning devices for the system and takes specified action in the event of possible emergencies.
  7. Coordinates activities with those of other operations, police and maintenance staff
  8. to minimize service interruptions, ensures passenger and employee safety and avoids equipment damage.
  9. Coordinates and controls access to all traction power, support facilities equipment,
  10. communications and train control facilities.
  11. Reads, interprets and applies operating procedures in individual situations.