Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1555

Transportation Administration Specialist


The responsibilities of this class include complex and detailed record keeping and report generation duties related to the maintenance of time, labor and/or payroll records, ensuring that all District rail and station operations are appropriately staffed for duties.

Examples of duties:

Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Maintains detailed records regarding Transportation Department time, labor and/or payroll and related information for multi-shift revenue services.
  2. Organizes work, sets priorities and standards, and follows-up to ensure coordination and completion of assigned work.
  3. Initiates a variety of forms related to status changes, locations, cost center or work assignment changes, etc.
  4. Receives, sorts,  inspects, identifies, logs, and properly tags and stores property; picks up found property system wide; ensures that the security of stored property is maintained through periodic and daily inspection.
  5. Has accountability for condition of storage facilities, equipment, locks, and keys; releases found property to owners or finders as authorized by statute and/or directive; receives inquiries about lost property; logs such inquiries by major classification and cross references those entries to the found property logs.
  6. Other duties as assigned pertaining to data entry, unclaimed property, transfers of monies to the General Fund and check requests.